Thursday, April 21, 2011

(Happy) Blue Spring Days

I have a new jacket! It's a light wool mens suiting fabric. I love it! One of my goals was not to purchase a patterned fabric (because I have so much patterned stuff already that it is pretty difficult for my self-made clothes to match...). So I'm not going to count these stripes as patterned - if only because the stripes are both blue. Also, I am trying to stick to colours that work together so I have chosen blue as my base.

I used Burda 7757. I think it is discontinued. I made View C, the longer one with the pocket. It wasn't so hard to make, even without English or Hungarian instructions.

I took the libegő up into the Buda Hills with my friends earlier this month. It was so beautiful up there, all the wildflowers out in force. My talented friend Zsuzsi Pal took the photos. Look at more of her pics on flickr. Thanks Zsuzsi!

See the buttonhole? It's a bound triangular buttonhole. I really need to learn how to do regular bound buttonholes... I did want to do one but didn't have any net access while making this to look up how they are done...


  1. You did a great job with this jacket ! Love the colors ! By the way, what do you mean by "a patterned fabric" ?
    ps: I was looking forward to read your new posts :-)

  2. Thanks!
    I mean like a print. Fabric that isn't a solid colour.

  3. It looks great. I love the fabric. I know what you mean about patterned fabric. I tend to sew things out of prints because they're pretty but then I don't have anything that goes with them. I like the photos too. They look so Spring-y.

  4. Super jealous of your jacket making talents!!! Gorgeous. The stripes are perfect ... I always consider them a 'neutral' ;-).

  5. This jacket is fantastic - I love your blue striped fabric. Blue is very fetching on you! Well done :)


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