Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love bias binding!

I have just learnt how to use bias binding on necklines and sleeves. OMG. I cannot believe I never learnt this years ago! It is such a nice way of finishing edges. It makes them so nice and clean. Is it sad that I kind of get giddy happy looking at the inside of my dress necklines now?

I was using BurdaStyle's Anda dress pattern and in it it explained how to use the binding. I made an Anda a few years ago but I guess I didn't really read the instructions back then because I just sewed the binding over the edge so it shows on both sides. I feel like my eyes have been opened up. Here are the instructions. I think I should take some sewing lessons. Or buy some sewing books. I used to have a really great sewing book, the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. My dad bought it for me when I was a teenager. I wish I had it here... I think the shipping cost from New Zealand would be too high though, it's a big book.

I had to bind a v-neck too and these instructions came in very handy.

I have been doing lots of sewing this weekend. I made two dresses. The pink one and the polka dot one. I think it just needs to get a wee bit warmer to wear them. 


  1. Fab fabric you use for the bias!
    I hope you show us all the dresses in full!!

  2. I didn't learn how to use bias binding for ages either and then I was really excited when I did.
    I hope you show us your new dresses too.

  3. Oh, those look super cute! And bias binding is genius :-) ... especially your choice of contrast fabric =).

  4. hi Jodi! just started following you! your neat bias binding makes me feel like starting some project!

  5. I am waiting for hot weather to take photos of the dresses. It's not summery enough yet.


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