Monday, April 18, 2011

I shouldn't make clothes for others

A friend of mine asked me to make her a pinafore dress. She had photos of her friend's one which she wanted me to copy. Exactly. I actually thought the original dress looked kind of ugly but it was what she wanted. So I made it. And I love it. I was wishing I didn't have to give it to her.... But she had bought the fabric and already paid me for it so I had to :(

The stretch satin was a dream to work with. It was so easy to sew.

The top part is lined with the same fabric, for the skirt I used some pale blue lining fabric I had left over from the spring jacket I just made. Lining it like this means no hemming. Yay!!!

I made Joja a dress last year which I also didn't like at first but which I fell in love with as well. Maybe I will have to make myself a pinafore dress....

I am in Istanbul again. I spent most of today in a lovely cafe. Cafe Kafka. It's great! My new favourite place. I spent hours in there drinking coffee and hot chocolate, eating cheesecake, writing in my diary. The owner was showing me around the place. He said when it opened 22 years ago there were only two cafes in Beyoglu! And now there are about 3000...

There about 5 floors of rooms which you access with a narrow staircase. Cosy couches. Great atmosphere. Aaaaaaah I love it there!

The Tulip Festival is on. The city of Istanbul plants thousands of tulips everywhere, it's so nice!


  1. That is lovely! I would want to keep it too, if I were you :)

  2. That's so funny! The same thing happens to me when I knit stuff for others. I'd want one of those for myself too ;-).

    Istanbul!!! You're making me jealous! Looks gorgeous.


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