Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting in Turkish

I found a great yarn store just around the corner from where I am staying in Istanbul. There was a great striped jumper pattern in a free booklet so I decided to try it. Even though it is in Turkish... At the moment I am doing fine but when it comes to the shaping for the armholes then I will need a Turkish knitter to translate for me...

The pattern is meant to be made up with a wool. I spent a lot of time going through all the different wool colours, trying out different combinations (the jumper has five colours), the man was helping me choose.

I had pretty much decided on the colours, then the man was like, "you shouldn't use wool, it will be too warm". (!!!)

I had wanted to make a nice jumper for cool Spring nights. Somehow he could magically tell that I am a slow knitter. So I followed his advice and had a look at the cottons. I chose four of the colours, and then he suggested a dark orangey brown I would never have looked at.

The colours look a bit different in real life. The end one is a mint green...
They looked good together so I bought them. Then I started knitting, got to the point when I should start the dark orangey brown. And I just couldn't. Not my colour. Luckily the man let me swap it :) I chose a light brown cotton instead and I am happy with that.

I have been enjoying my days, knitting a lot, befriending cafe owners, spending hours and hours relaxing in the hamam.

Coffee, popcorn, knitting...

So far I have done this much:

This year is like the year of stripes. I see colourful stripes everywhere....

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  1. Interesting color combination!
    Love seeing pictures from your Turkish adventure!


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