Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Market Memories

 A couple of years ago I went to a weekend market in the Hungarian countryside with my ex boyfriend's mum. She loved going to markets. So we went even though it was my ex's birthday :) We spent hours there, browsing through all the stuff, bargaining with the sellers. It was great. I found some bright blue fabric. There wasn't so much, only about a metre, but I was able to squeeze a dress out of it.

I drafted a basic dress pattern with a waist seam. It has a little pleat at the front neckline.

All the photos in this post were taken by my friend Zsuzsi Pal. Check out her other photos here. She wrote an article about me last year for the magazine Budapest Think and we needed to have photos to go with it so we did a little photo shoot. If you want to read the article it is here. Zsuzsi wanted me to wear blue so I had to hurry to finish this dress which I had started a year previously. The neckline and armholes are bound with a ribbon (this was before I learnt the Hungarian word for bias binding... ferdepant).


  1. I love! thanks for the mention. You look great. Can't wait to do more! x

  2. Great colour and print! Photos are cool too, great job Zsuzsi! BTW I'm Romanian but never been to Budapest.. only drove by couch along Hungary... hope to see some more of it!

  3. I read the article and like it !It's the kind of article that would draw a non-sewer to sewing !
    Your blue dress is very great on you !

  4. Cool fabric, great colour and the photos are amazing!


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