Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Sewing

I am loving Spring! The warm weather really makes me want to make new spring-like clothing but the sun makes me want to go outside and lie in the park...

There are so many daffodils out now so I am buying a fresh bunch every time I go to the market. Looking at them  makes me so happy. I put them next to my sewing machine so I can breathe in their scent whenever I want.

Yesterday I took the libegő (chair lift) up into the Buda hills. I love how the BKV have just crossed out the year so the tickets can still be used.

Walking through the forest up there made me think of one of my favourite poems. You can get a glimpse of my new jacket. We took tons of pics so will have them up soon.

I have a slight stripe addiction. The last three fabrics I've bought have been striped... I made my jacket out of the dark and light blue wool. The yellow is now a dress. I am deciding what to do with the blue and gold.

A dress or a skirt? It is quite a light fabric, horizontal stripes. Actually I think it is lining fabric, I don't care, I love the colours. I found it in a second hand shop. I think it is acetate (2.30am burn tests.... insomnia...). I didn't know that acetone dissolves acetate... Anyway, I have about a metre and a half of it. Enough for a dress if the skirt isn't too full. Any ideas?

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