Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trip to Istanbul

I was travelling for about three weeks of March so I couldn't participate in Zoe's Me-Made-March 2011. I packed quite light... one skirt (that I didn't make), one dress, a couple of tops. (Also I got rid of lots of my Me-Made clothes at the end of last year in a moment of insanity so I don't actually have so many options anymore). I did wear some stuff I had made everyday though.

I spent two weeks in Istanbul - it was great! The people were so friendly, met a lot of different people. 

This post is not really going to be about clothes or making stuff but more about my trip. So be prepared for lots of photos and videos :)

Wandering around Beyoglu I saw a little shop that was full of wool and crafty stuff so I just had to go in. The woman working there was so sweet. 

She showed me how to tie a headscarf in the Muslim way. 

I spent the rest of the evening wearing a scarf out and about. Such a different experience. It was kind of like having tunnel vision. I couldn't see (or be seen) without turning my head. It really made me feel much less noticable to men.

It is so easy to meet people there. This is with Mustafa (a dj we met) and Dávid at Magma. It is this little club run by some very friendly Kurdish people. It was 2 minutes walk from where we were staying so we would see these guys quite a lot.

This is Hür. He makes the most divine chocolate eclairs I have ever tasted in my life. Hür was in love with a woman named Marla ten years ago. They broke up and he named his patisserie after her. And she doesn't even know!

Here Dávid is wearing the hat I crocheted. It goes quite well with his nose.

This was one of my favourite little restaurants. It was right opposite the hamam where we were staying so we spent quite a bit of time there practicing our Turkish.

It's the perfect country for people who like to drink a lot of tea. Like Dávid...

This next video is of Tarek. He was a guy I hung out with a little bit. He sings at a restaurant in the old town.

For most of trip we were running late to catch our trains and buses. We took the night train from Belgrade to Sofia. It was pretty funny because our Serbian friends got on the train to help us buy the sleeping car tickets and then the train departed with them still on it! They had to wait about 20 minutes until the train stopped so they could get off.

We spent about an hour playing dress up on the train. First I was a gypsy girl. Edo's mum gave me that scarf. She is so sweet, whenever I visit her she gives me some clothing/accessories!

Then we were a wartime nurse and patient. We got given some sheets by the conductor. We were like little kids. It was so much fun!

And Dávid was a Turkish man :)

Watching the birds in the Topkapi Palace Gardens at night.


  1. i love your blog Jodi, i wish i could have been there... ;) i hope you loved Turkey just as much as i do.

  2. What a lovely trip! Turkey has been on my list for YEARS and this post makes me so jealous!!! Glad to see you had a good time though =).


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