Sunday, May 29, 2011

Getting ready for Me-Made-June

I'm going to Istanbul tomorrow morning! I can't wait to see my friends there. And to eat lots of mussels and fish sandwiches. And to take ferries between Europe and Asia. And to go to the Tuesday market in Kadiköy. And to spend hours relaxing in the hamam. I'm excited.

I had been thinking to live in Istanbul but now I have changed my mind, I'm going to stay in Budapest. I love this city too much. I had already bought my ticket back to Istanbul though so I am making it a fabric shopping trip.

I have just started packing. I am trying to pack as light as possible so I can fit more fabric into my backpack. Since I am only wearing me-made clothes for Me-Made-June I am only going to take clothes I have made with me (and start June early). I am thinking of about four dresses. Maybe five. I don't want to take too much stuff, but I also don't want to bore everyone wearing the same dress everyday... Any thoughts on the ideal number of outfits? I only have one me-made skirt with me at the moment and that is a wintery one so I am not going to take that. I don't know what happened to all the other skirts I have made. I don't have my shorts with me either. So it's just dresses.

I am aiming to be back in Pest in about a week, maybe 10 days. I will probably travel back up through Bulgaria and Serbia. That is my plan at the moment but these things always seem to change :)

So here is what I think I will take:
- My favourite summer dress
- Blue floral dress
- My two new just made this week polka dot dresses. You will get to see them properly in June. Is it strange to take two dresses made from the same fabric though? They are pretty different in style.
- Petticoat (I need this to go with one of my polka dot dresses which I am definitely bringing).
- Blue striped jacket
- Bikini (I don't know if it is warm enough to swim in the sea yet but I will probably be staying at a hamam so I will use it there)
- Navy jardigan (I don't love this, but it is quite warm so it's good if I end up taking any night trains).
- Blue wrap cardigan
- Sparkly leggings

Looking at that list, it seems like a huge amount of stuff. Maybe I should reduce it a little? I managed to go all of March with just one skirt and one dress plus tops... And for the whole month I just spent in Istanbul I had 1 skirt, 1 dress and 1 pair of pants plus tops/jackets.  I am only taking one pair of shoes, ballet flats. Hmmm, what to leave out of my backpack??

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