Sunday, May 15, 2011

Help! How to save my dress??!

I spent hours and hours this past week working on a red and white striped (cotton?) dress. I was making it for a party my friend was organising in Budapest so I really had to race. The lovely Ruth (a great BurdaStyle member I met) let me use her sewing machine at her place in Istanbul! I couldn't have finished the dress in time without her. Thank you Ruth!

I like making clothes for occasions... even if it leads to a lot of stressing (I was carrying the dress all around with me so I could hand sew to finish it up whenever I had some time - at cafes, on the ferry...). I've realised that hand sewing really isn't that slow if I am not trying to make the stitches even lengths... I hand sewed the back seam, the zip, the straps, the hem and the top of the bodice.

I didn't prewash the fabric. I know, I know, you should always prewash... but I really wanted to get it started and didn't have very good access to a washing machine. I left a scrap of the fabric on the floor, it accidently got some water on it and I noticed the red bled into the white! I don't want the white stripes to turn pink!

It gets worse.

I wore the dress on Friday night with a blue leather belt. The belt left some blue colour on my dress! So now I need to figure out how to set the red and wash out the blue. Any ideas??? Different sources say to try salt and vinegar for setting, while others say that doesn't work...

I forgot to get proper pics. The bodice actually does sit properly when I am standing normally.  My friend Christopher was wearing a top made for him by our friend Tamara. So many stripes everywhere this year... Tamara is a designer from Georgia. She is very talented. She has just launched a sunglass collection. And she makes shoes! Aaaaargh I am so jealous of that fact, I would love to learn shoemaking.


  1. Not sure how to help ... but it's a gorgeous dress!!!

  2. I have used salt to fix the dye when I've dyed something a solid colour but I don't know if it would work on the stripes. I'm not sure how you could get the blue out because normally I'd suggest soaking with some stain remover but that would probably make the stripes run.
    It looks great though. I love the chevron effect of the stripes. I hope you can save it.

  3. that does sound a bit hopeless.too bad, it's a lovely dress. good luck though!

  4. The dress looks great! It's a shame about the belt, sorry but I don't have much washing advice. I hope someone can help. You did a great job with the dress and love that you had some local help!

  5. Ruth from IstanbulMay 17, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    Oh Jodi, it does look great and the length looks nice and swishy. I wonder if "color run remover" would solve both problems but the truth is you can't buy that here in Istanbul (it's on my shopping list for the UK next time I go) so I don't know if they have it in Hungary. I do hope it doesn't turn out to be a "One Party Wonder dress". (But one wear is better than none at all, of course!) And oh, those chevrons!

  6. I ended up using salt and washing powder to wash it. The blue came out completely. The red kind of smeared in a few places but at least the whole dress didn't turn pink. It seems like there were parts that had extra blobs of dye sitting on it... I think I will try to bleach those areas.

  7. Nice to have you back again :)
    The dress is just great! Which pattern did you use?

  8. Thanks! I didn't use a pattern - I made the bodice by basically draping on my body. The skirt is 8 gores. Very simple.


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