Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Salı pazarı/Tuesday Market

I love the internet! I posted a message on BurdaStyle saying that I wanted to meet some sewers in Istanbul to go fabric shopping and a lovely woman, Ruth, contacted me. So this morning I got up early (at 9 which is very early for me.... especially since I was playing backgammon til 3.30am with the guy who owns the cafe next door). Then I walked down to the water and caught the ferry to the Asian side. I love that - going between continents in 20 minutes.We met up in Kadiköy and went in search of the Salı pazarı (Tuesday Market). After a bit of walking we found it. So much fabric! Such low prices! A lot of it has some flaws (the end of the rolls aren't printed right, some is stained, some is weirdly sewn together). But a lot of it is really nice fabric. There were tables covered in buttons, ribbons, zips. Sewers paradise! If my wallet/backpack were bigger I would go crazy buying stuff there.

My stripe addiction continues. I couldn't resist this red and white striped fabric. I think it will become a dress.

There were lots of women there, sorting through all the piles of fabric. When you see something you like you really have to hang on to it to make sure the other woman don't grab it. Fun experience :)

Then we went to another area still on the Asian side and checked out the fabric district there. Istanbul is so big. So many different districts, so many hard-to-remember place names.  I like how in this city shops are grouped by type. Like there is a street with about twenty stores all in a row, all selling lights and lamps. Or an area where there are five wig shops next door to each other. It's a little strange for me but I like the convenience of it, especially when it means I can visit lots of fabric shops in a short amount of time.

I hear this song every day. So I have grown to quite like it :) Either it is on the radio all the time or Yasar (he works at the hamam where I'm staying) puts it on.

My knitting is slowly coming along. I have done about half of one sleeve (and started the second because I don't really know how to continue the first....). Where can I find a trilingual (English/Turkish/Knitting) person??


  1. Sewers paradise indeed! I've never seen anything like that! It was so nice of Ruth to take you!

  2. This market could have been amazing!


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