Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting out of the city MMJ - Days 11 and 12

Day 11

I got to wear one of my favourite dresses. I hardly ever have an occasion to wear this dress. It is one of my many versions of Burda 7829. Basically every seam and hem on this dress has been sewn at least twice since I first made it.

 I have replaced the bodice, added aubergine coloured pockets, then changed the pocket fabric to black so they weren't visible, shortened the hem, let out the sides.... When I think of all the time I have spent on this dress...

I went to watch an opera. One of my friends was performing in it. I love going to the opera - seeing the costumes, the backdrops. It was held at the Royal Palace in Gödöllő. My first time going there (kind of crazy since it is only 30km north of Budapest...). The gardens are very nice, I would like to go back there sometime and explore a little.

Day 12

I wore my pink and red plaid dress (modified Burda 7831)

We went to Mogyoród to have a garden party. We ate the most delicious bográcsgulyás (a Hungarian soup). Olyan finom volt!

This is me pretending to help cook.

Dávid found some ping pong balls in the garden...

Me-Made-June is actually feeling harder now that I am back in Budapest and have access to a lot more of my me-made clothes. It was so easy having only four dresses to choose from, it really saved a lot of hmmming and hawing over what to wear.

This is how we open wine bottles in Hungary...


  1. I adore these dresses! Your settings are always so lovely for your pictures. I can see why you love the black dress so much - very flattering style and black is perfect for any occasion!

  2. Oh my,..the wine opening procedure is quite hilarious! hehehe

  3. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that the lack dress is gorgeous!! Gorgeous!


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