Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turkey to Bulgaria - MMJ Day 4

I got up very early this morning, caught the tram over to Eminonu and went to a huge haberdashery that I found the other day. I was so lucky - it opened at 8am so I got there right after that. I was suprised how bustling that whole area was at such an early hour. I bought tons of bias binding and zips and needles. The shop has 7 floors - so much stuff. Two floors just of buttons!

And they have a kind of zip cave in the basement.

Istanbul really is a great place if you like to sew...

Then I left Istanbul. I hitchhiked out with a cool Latvian guy I met the other day - Vit. I wore my blue floral dress.

We only had to wait about 2 or 3 minutes between rides, it was great. Three trucks and we got to the border. The first driver was a bit of a sleaze (he kept touching my foot under the table when we stopped for tea and was doing these funny gestures at me when Vit wasn't looking!) The next didn't talk much. The third was an absolute darling. Matti from Iran. He cooked us a lovely lunch!

 So delicious.

We were not thinking properly when we got to the border and left our backpacks in the truck and walked over the border to Bulgaria (we weren't allowed to stay in the truck for whatever reason). It took us only about 15 minutes.

We naively thought the truck would be right after us. FIVE HOURS later and our truck crossed... Guess the border control go kind of crazy with searching the trucks... By then it was after 10pm....

Our sad "where are our bags????" faces. We were actually laughing about the situation most of the time though.

 So now I am in a cheap hotel somewhere in Bulgaria. I don't know exactly. The town's name start with an H... Alcohol is so cheap here! Cocktails and mixed drinks for about 1 euro... :) A nice end to the day. Later when it got cooler I put on my striped jacket and my sparkly leggings.


  1. Wow! Crazy adventures! sounds like so much fun and I am loving the habadashery in Istanbul!!


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