Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cherries and motorbikes - MMJ Day 9

Another morning spent up in the cherry trees. I'm wearing my polka dot dress. It's actually pretty ok for climbing trees in.

Vitaly and I left Hisaria. He tied our backpacks onto the back of his friend's Harley (it's an army one) and we headed to Sopot 40 km away to drop off the bike. Now I see why bikers wear leather.... the wind, the biting rain.

Now it is hot though. We hitchhiked from Sopot to here, Plovdiv. Only took us around 3 minutes of waiting and the truck driver dropped us right by the city! It is nice to be resting in a cafe, not walking around with my heavy backpack. I bought quite a lot of fabric when I was in Istanbul which adds lots of weight.

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  1. What an adventure!

    I LOVE that dress!!! Major coveting going on here. Mad plans to copy you.


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