Thursday, June 23, 2011

Me-Made-June Days 19-23

I haven't been at home for a few days so I need to catch up with the Me-Made-June stuff. I have to upload pics to the MMJ flickr group too and see what all the other ladies have been wearing. At the start of the month it is still all fresh and fun but towards the end of the month all the photo taking/blogging gets to be a bit of a chore.

Day 19

I stayed in my pjs all day and did lots of sewing. Here you get a glimpse of my new pj top and my blue wrap cardigan.

Day 20

I took a train to Füzesabony to visit my step-sis. It's a not so nice village in North East Hungary. I wore my polka dots and stripes dress. After all my travelling earlier this month this dress quickly became my favourite for travelling in. It's easy to wear, comfy, suits most occasions.

After the kids went to bed we were hanging out and Ági got the idea to straighten my hair. It reminded me of when were teenagers and would stay up all night chatting, even before we knew each other's language.

So here you see me with the straightest hair I have had since I was a baby. It was so strange, it felt so flat, I felt like I was bald.

Day 21

I wore my blue floral dress. This is with Tomi, Ági's youngest. He's so cute.

Then I went to Eger which is a beautiful city only 16 min by train from Füzesabony. I went for a wander around the city while my friend was at work. There were people giving out free beer!!! And there were a few choirs singing in front of the church in the main square so I stopped to watch that and drink my free beer. I love Eger!

Day 22

In the morning Adorjan and I went to the market and got lots of fresh fruit then sat on his balcony to eat breakfast.

I kinda loved how at the market they had signs up warning you about the local pickpockets.

Day 23

Today. I wore my polka dot and stripes dress. Again. I have worn this dress practically every second day this month. We got up early. Adorjan went to work. I got a kakaós csiga (my fave type of Hungarian pastry) and went and sat in the big park in Eger to eat it. It's a beautiful park. I really want to start getting up earlier and doing more stuff like this, enjoying the daylight.

Then I got on a train and headed home to Pest.

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