Monday, June 6, 2011

Highways and Hisaria - MMJ Days 5 and 6

Two days, one dress. My stripes and polka dots one.

Yesterday we started hitching from Harmali in the early afternoon.

 First we got picked up by a nice truck driver.

 We didn't get far and then the highway was closed and we had to take a detour through the villages. The scenic route... It was nice though, beautiful scenery.

The third driver we had was absolutely crazy. So full of energy. He had this infectious happiness. So we changed our plans. We had been trying to go straight to Hisaria but we decided to go with these guys to their destination, Karlovo, instead. We went to a waterfall and this crazy guy Nikol gets out his climbing gear, climbs down to a good spot, and jumps down from near the top of the waterfall into a pool! Afterwards he pointed out a plaque which was in memoriam to a guy who died there instantly when he jumped and hit his head on a rock... I don't know if you can see him in this pic but he is crouching on the rock that is to the right of the start of the waterfall.

Then the guys were so nice and drove us to Hisaria which was out of their way. Had a beer with them.

Then met up with my CouchSurfing host, Jivko. I love CouchSurfing, you can meet so many great people with it. If you don't know it, check it out! He showed us a bit around the town. Hisaria is a historic place, thousands of years old. Walked by the old Roman city walls. I wore my blue wrap cardigan then cos it was getting cooler.

 Jivko is living in the forest so we walked out to his place in the moonlight. Camped there last night. So nice to be in nature, to hear the crickets chirping. And I saw fireflies for the first time!

So today, Day 6, I am still wearing the same dress as yesterday. Our lunch was delicous strawberries and cherries we picked. Oh so good!

We came across some men shearing sheep by hand. It is so nice to walk around in this area!

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