Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love Hisaria! - MMJ Days 7 and 8

I got a pic of me in my me-made bikini! In the middle of the night on Monday we went into the centre of Hisarya where there are some hot springs. The water is flowing from taps into these narrow basins so you can fill up bottles of water. This whole area is full of mineral springs. The different waters heal different things. We plugged up the holes in the basins and bathed there! We each had our own basin. It was so nice. Hot, hot water. You had to lie on your side because the basins are so narrow but they are long enough to completely submerge yourself.

Day 7

Yesterday we started the day with cherries again. I wore my fave summer dress.

 Zhivko's friends joined us so it was me and five guys for the whole day. We decided to go swimming so we crammed into a car and went 40 km to the "old mountain". Such beautiful scenery there.

 The water in the river comes down from the top of a mountain so it was very cold and very fast flowing. So we couldn't really swim - we just jumped in the water and hopped right out onto the sun warmed rocks.

They all had a bit of a laugh at me because I was so inappropriately dressed for outdoorsy activities. My shoes especially are not good for hiking. They got covered in mud a few times... I am going to throw them out I think as soon as I find some new ones.

It was such a lovely day. We ended the night with dinner together outside with fireflies flying around!

Day 8

Today I am wearing my blue floral dress which is great because the skirt is full enough for tree climbing. My dresses from the past few days were too narrow. We filled ourselves with cherries again. So nice to be high up in the trees, picking cherries and putting them straight into my mouth. I don't think I had climbed a tree since I was a kid! Then lying in the grass, enjoying the sunshine.

I love this place so much! I am loving all the nature and eating all the fresh fruit.

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  1. wow, u really look like your having loads of fun, i spent the weekend in bp, (much needed), realize am enjoying reading about your adventures!! be safe and hurry back!


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