Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer - Me-Made-June Days 24 and 25

On the discussion on the Me-Made-June flickr group there is a thread about things people have learnt so far this month. I was thinking about it and have really realised how few clothes I need/wear. I have been wearing the same couple of dresses over and over this month, even when I have been in Budapest and had access to most of my wardrobe. I just counted - I have worn my polka dots and stripes dress 8 times this month... I actually thought it had been more, it felt like more! So I wanted to be a bit more varied for the rest of the week and wear some of my other me-made clothes. But then I woke up yesterday, Day 24, and put on my fave summer dress...  (I had already worn that about 4 times already). The dresses I wear all the time have a few things in common - they are comfortable, they are light, they don't make me feel too hot and sweaty in this summer heat.

In the other Me-Made/Self-Stitched Challenges last year I tried to vary my outfits a lot, not to bore everyone, but this month I don't care :)

So this is me at my sewing machine in the middle of the night in my fave dress. You have all seen proper pics of it millions of times. I'm making a pair of shorts.

Day 25

Today I am wearing my scallop necked polka dot dress. I love this dress. This fabric is so light, it feels so weightless. While I love that about it most of the time, on windy days like today... well... I think I flashed about a hundred people while walking around. The slightest breeze picks up the skirt. It is made up of eight gores, the hem is more than four metres long.... It is kind of fun though, it makes me feel kind of Marilyn Monroesque. I'm wearing it with my petticoat, I think it needs it.


  1. Who cares what you are wearing when you are blogging your me-made clothing while hitching across and living in eastern and central Europe! Your MMJ posts have rivaled Karen's pose-with-a-stranger series for most interesting.

  2. Love the scallop neck dress - it is fabulous!

  3. Thanks for the comments! KC - yours really made my day!


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