Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting home - MMJ Day 10

This was a really great day. Lots of luck and coincidences.

We stayed in Sofia Thursday night with the last driver who picked us up that day!

So sweet of him to host us. Vit was wearing a t-shirt I jokingly told him to buy the day before and he actually did...

We started hitching at 8am. It took us ages before anyone stopped.

Vit trying to improve our chances... :)

We were standing near some traffic lights and everyone was smiling at us and a lot would wave - I love Bulgaria. The people are so nice and friendly there.

I was wearing my polka do and stripes dress. It was so cold so I put on my sparkly leggings, my blue wrap cardigan, later my blue striped jacket, and my scarf I got in Morocco. Basically everything I could put on without wearing a couple of dresses.

Finally one guy picked us up. He was in a small truck with a freezer.  Second time in two days having frozen backpacks. Cold! That guy only took us 6km but at least that took us past some of the turnoffs. Had to wait a bit but then a Turkish driver picked us up in his Mercedes. He was planning to drive to Belgrade (where we wanted to go) then through Zagreb and then Austria to his home in Germany. Because of us he changed his route and went via Budapest instead of Zagreb!!!! So amazingly nice of him. So I was back in Budapest before 7pm! A lot quicker than the 18 or so hours it would take by train.

Then had a funny night in Pest, running into lots of people I know completely by chance, even one of my friends who lives in Istanbul! The friend I hung out with my last night there!!

Hitchhiking all the way from Istanbul to Budapest was such a great experience. I was amazed by the generosity of the people who picked us up. We got given so much stuff, a lot of it very random - a can of pineapple, lip gloss, a camel clock, a huge bag of pistachios, bottles of water, lunch cooked for us... People went completely out of their way to help. A lot of people are scared to hitch but there are so many good hearted people out there - try it!

Now that I am back I finally have time to check out all the pics on the flickr group of the other Me-Made-June participants.


  1. This looks like such an interesting trip, and your wardrobe held up well.

  2. Very cute! I love the scalloped edges.


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