Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rainbows - Me-Made-June Day 18

I'm in a sad mood now. I am listening to sad music. Great music, but sad. Songs by friend Dóri. She is an amazing singer, listen to her songs.

I just got home. I thought tonight would be so fun but it was really shitty. Well, there were good parts of course, but I only spent about 5 min in one bar... First place we went to had a huge line. There never used to be lines in Budapest... At least not in the places I went to. So we bought some jager and drank on the street and gossiped :) That was fun. So we thought of going to the gay after party. That had a big line too and it was 2000ft! I am not paying that much to go to a bar where the majority of guys won't even be attracted to me... so I got a gyros at my fave gyros place. I hadn't been there in about two years (!!! how could that have happened??!) and the guy there still remembered me :) That made me happy. Then I saw someone I didn't expect to see which made me sad. Went to Instant. That was shit too which is why I am home.

The songs are getting happier :)

Tonight I am wearing my blue jacket, my fave summer dress, and my sparkly black leggings. It is really hard for me to take self pics and get my whole outfit in!

Today, in contrast to this evening, really was nice!

I sewed up my rainbow dress. All two seams. Oh yes, probably the most simple garment I have ever made. No hems, really just the two side seams, no other sewing! When I was a kid I had a white jersey top which I loved that had these stringy things like this at the bottom. It had a bead on each string. I had been thinking about doing that kind of thing for a loooooong time and I finally got my chance.

Hard to believe that yesterday this was just boring navy and white striped jersey. The colours didn't turn out quite as bright as I thought they would (I watered down the paint to make it easier to use) but I still like the effect.

The Pride Parade was on. I went and met up with a few friends there. It was nice, but strange. Because Hungary is full of crazy intolerant people there were barriers up to separate the parade people from the crazies.

And hundreds of police in their riot gear... There would be police right by the marchers, then a big kind of no mans land, then more police...

So along the whole long walk you see very few people who aren't actually in the parade... just a couple of people in their balconies and windows, some workers in the very few shops that were open.

There was lots of pink and rainbow flags and umbrellas.

Dávid wore a shirt I made him!

I used Burda 7767. I used the collar from view A and the shirt front from view B. For some reason they didn't match up properly but I think the result is ok.

I cut the sleeves off at the elbow because I didn't want to figure out how to sew cuffs I didn't have enough fabric. And besides, Dávid always rolls his sleeves up to the elbow anyway. I also didn't put a button at the top of the neck because then he would button it right up and I think that looks stupid. Oh the power! Making other people's clothes you can stop them doing the things you don't like :)

I bought this fabric at the Sali Pazari in Kadiköy for 1.50 lira. Istanbul feels so far away right now.... This fabric wrinkles like crazy. It's a blue gingham, quite stiff.


  1. I LOVE your finished rainbow dress! It looks fantastic and definitely perfect for your day. I love the bead trim and I think the shirt you made for him looks very well done. I'm still working on a shirt for my boyfriend and I think you may have inspired me to actually finish it!

  2. I love the idea to wear a rainbowdress for the parade! Unfortunately I won't be able to whip one up in time for saturday (CSD in Berlin).
    The shirt looks really great, too.

  3. The shirt is great and I think it's funny that David thought you were cutting into his present wardrobe.
    Also, you dress is just as cute as it can be, and appropriate for the occasion. Nicely done on both!


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