Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love summer. I hate summer

Summer makes me happy. Summer makes me fat. Summer makes me unhappy.

I noticed one of my fave dresses, one which has always been very comfortable to wear, was so tight around the bodice when I was wearing it yesterday. Tight like I was constantly conscious of it. With all this travelling of late (camps in different cities) I can't really do any sewing (can't carry my machine), but I figured I can at least bring some supplies for tracing a few patterns, and some fabric to cut out. Tonight I traced out one of the patterns and then I was thinking about the tight dress. So I got out my tape measure. My waist and hips are both 4 cm bigger than normal! That is one whole freaking Burda dress size bigger! With what I want to make that is almost a big enough difference to not be able to put the garment on! With Burda patterns, for me, generally the pants/shorts/lower half stuff fits if I use the size my measurements say to use. With the jackets I think it is best to go one or two sizes smaller than suggested... Freaking terrible having to trace out the pattern again, in a bigger size.

I think this weight gain is because of too much alcohol and Hungarian food. I don't actually normally eat much Hungarian food but at these camps they provide all the food and it is so heavy. And the morning tea/afternoon tea are usually pastries/bready things... And sometimes there are extra pastries... And it is hot and there are ice creameries everywhere.

I miss cooking for myself....

I am not the kind of person who diets but I can limit my alcohol intake... Sooooo, I am writing this here, so I have some motivation to keep this:

I'm not going to drink or eat ice cream until I am 4cm smaller.

With the alcohol and going out and the happiness, I am not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg. Anyone else normally put on weight in summer?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bracelets, Paint and Győr

I'm in Győr at the moment. It's a pretty little city halfway between Budapest and Vienna. Being on the train coming here, it was like another world. Definitely not a Hungarian train. It had been forever since I'd been west of Budapest. The train was full of German speakers.  I have heard more German on the streets here in Győr than English. It's so close to Austria, it was tempting to just stay on the train... I haven't been to Austria since 2006, which is kind of crazy when I think about it... I have passed through, but not stopped.

I am working at a kids summer camp. This one is good because it has such a high ratio of girls to boys (10 to 3). Most of these girls love doing craft stuff as much as me. We have been making beaded bracelets. Some girls even brought in more beads from home so we would have more colours. I taught them how to do a knotted bracelet with thread too (the kind that was super popular when I was about 11). I told them to tell me if they were bored of it but they are always asking if we can go and make more bracelets. Seriously, I think we could make bracelets for the entire 8 hours and they would be happy. It would be great if there was a market for these, I would have my little sweatshop all ready with HAPPY workers...

Such pretty colourful grass... The beads got spilled on the grass at least once every beading session. A nightmare to pick up.

My new necklaces.

One of the most productive bracelet makers...

We got the kids to be our tour guides and show us around the city. They were actually such informative guides. Later it turned out one of the mums works for the tourism office there. She is trying to build tourist numbers to Győr. Go visit Győr!

Did you know that the Bazilika in Győr has a painting of the Virgin Mary which weeped tears of blood in 1697? Me neither. That's it surrounded by all the gold stuff.

Saw the tomb of Apor Vilmos. I never knew who he was before this either  (I just knew him as the square at the end of the 105 bus).

We will perform a little play tomorrow so we were making a background for that.  All the boys went out to play football and us girls had fun painting, making a big mess.

This is my newest dress by the way, will post about it when I have proper pics.

Water got accidently spilled on the painting at times....

Feet painting... :)

It was a pretty great day!