Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love summer. I hate summer

Summer makes me happy. Summer makes me fat. Summer makes me unhappy.

I noticed one of my fave dresses, one which has always been very comfortable to wear, was so tight around the bodice when I was wearing it yesterday. Tight like I was constantly conscious of it. With all this travelling of late (camps in different cities) I can't really do any sewing (can't carry my machine), but I figured I can at least bring some supplies for tracing a few patterns, and some fabric to cut out. Tonight I traced out one of the patterns and then I was thinking about the tight dress. So I got out my tape measure. My waist and hips are both 4 cm bigger than normal! That is one whole freaking Burda dress size bigger! With what I want to make that is almost a big enough difference to not be able to put the garment on! With Burda patterns, for me, generally the pants/shorts/lower half stuff fits if I use the size my measurements say to use. With the jackets I think it is best to go one or two sizes smaller than suggested... Freaking terrible having to trace out the pattern again, in a bigger size.

I think this weight gain is because of too much alcohol and Hungarian food. I don't actually normally eat much Hungarian food but at these camps they provide all the food and it is so heavy. And the morning tea/afternoon tea are usually pastries/bready things... And sometimes there are extra pastries... And it is hot and there are ice creameries everywhere.

I miss cooking for myself....

I am not the kind of person who diets but I can limit my alcohol intake... Sooooo, I am writing this here, so I have some motivation to keep this:

I'm not going to drink or eat ice cream until I am 4cm smaller.

With the alcohol and going out and the happiness, I am not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg. Anyone else normally put on weight in summer?


  1. I completely understand. Summer is the time for drinking sangria on an outdoor patio. Alcohol in the summer causes me to gain weight every year. It gets a little frustrating, and I try to justify it by sweating whenever I go outside, but it's not the same. I need to work out in order to be able to drink. Is it worth it? Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

  2. You just put down my key ingredient for gaining weight: alcohol (ok and sweet pastry). Especially beer or the typical beer and lemonade mix called Radler which is a perfect summer drink proved to be also a perfect combination to put on weight. At least the summer here in Germany is pretty crappy so far. ;)

  3. ahem, I also sent an awanrd over to you. Which you don't have to send on, especially since it's in German, but I thought you'd perhaps liked a little compliment.

  4. Usually I put on weight in winter (less outdoor activities) and lose it in summer. I understand your frustration and your determination will help you lose those 4 unwanted and hated cm!

  5. Glad to know I am not the only one. It is just so annoying to spend HOURS making clothes that fit, only for them to not fit anymore.

    I had to adjust my rules the day after I wrote this post... So I allowed myself to drink alcohol if I didn't pay for it. I still ended up drinking almost as much, and then I forgot after about a week and bought alc. And I forgot about not eating ice-cream too... So I have decided to just have a fun summer, the long depressive winter will be here soon enough.


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