Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soon it's September!

I can't wait for September. August has been passing so quickly but I kind of can't wait til it's over. Less tourists should be coming so work should be a little easier. I am exhausted. I just want to lie down and sleep for a week....

Fun things will be happening in September.

I'm going to take part in Self-Stitched-Sept '11. The amazing Zoe has organised another self-made clothes challenge for September. Another month of wearing clothes I have made myself. Actually I have just been wearing self-made clothes since the end May... Wearing my own clothes makes me happier.

This challenge will be good though because: 
  •  I will have to make some sporty clothes. 
  • I need motivation to finish/repair the growing pile of clothes that I am setting aside at the bottom of my wardrobe. For example, the pair of pants I made last September which I have worn a lot but still haven't hemmed....
  • Also, I don't want to bore everyone showing the same 3 dresses I have been living in all summer so I have some motivation to vary what I am wearing. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Summer Days

More than a month since I have posted anything... Been so busy. In July I worked at kids camps in different parts of the country. It was a good experience, I got to see some new cities, got to know some other ones better. Lots of time spent I met so many different types of people. It was a very challenging month but the kids and all the fun and laughs we had made it worthwhile.

This little boy was so cute and funny!

Finally an activity these little terrors could agree on doing - painting. Being alone with 9 seven year and eight olds... not so easy.

On the last day of every camp the kids performed a play in English (!). This was one of the plays.

Such creative kids! This kid is a hedgehog.

More fun with paint...

At the end of July I got back my old job which I had quit last year. And now that company is bigger so I am doing the same work, in two places... I have only had three days off this month. Pretty exhausted... I haven't had any time to sew! I miss sewing.

I have just moved into a lovely little flat. I can't wait to unpack my sewing machine. It is nice to have a proper place to live after almost a year of being a gypsy. It has been a pretty interesting year so far but I want to be a bit more settled. I've decided to stay in Budapest, at least for another year.