Monday, December 19, 2011


It was my friend's work Christmas party on Saturday night. I couldn't really turn down the invite for a cruise on the Danube, unlimited drinks and delicious dinner... The theme was 40s - 50s sailors. At first I was going to wear my stripe madness dress but I can hardly even breathe in that dress, how would I be able to gorge myself with all the yummy refreshments?

So then I was thinking to wear one of my polka dot dress but I wasn't totally happy with that solution (the right colours but not really sailor like....). I got home from work on Saturday at about 5pm, started getting ready for the night, doing my makeup and stuff. Then at 5:30 I decided to make a dress. At 6:30 I was out the door! One of the quickest dresses I have ever made. I didn't even try to really match the stripes, quite a liberating feeling!

The stripes look black in the pics but they are a very dark navy. This was some jersey I had left over from my Pride Parade dress. Yay for stretchy fabric - can eat as much as you like then. 

There were hundreds of people at this party and EVERYONE dressed up. I was so surprised. People in captain hats, striped tops, even a pirate or two!

Drinking, dancing, darts and csocsó. It was a fun night!                  


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Needlebook tutorial

When I was in New York I was an "intern" at BurdaStyle. Just for a week or so :) I was soooo excited about it - getting to help out at one of my favourite websites!!! I was staying with my friend in Brooklyn so every morning I would catch the subway to Manhattan where the BurdaStyle office is. It is nice to "go to work" in a new city, even just temporarily.

The lovely AnaJan was also an intern there. I met her last winter in Serbia and I was so glad she was in NY at the same time as me. Actually I had emailed her before I booked my flights when I still wasn't sure whether to go and when she said she was going for a whole month I almost died of envy and was like "right, I am going too!!".

It was so nice to have someone to get up to mischief with, a partner in crime :) Ahhh I adore that girl!

One of our tasks was to make some quick, easy projects so I made a little needlebook. At the book launch party one of the fun activities was sewing up your own little bag. There were some leftover bits of the printed fabric so I used that and some felt I found in the supplies closet. It only took about 20 minutes. Here is the tutorial. Very easy to whip up a few of these for small gifts for Christmas...

In the BurdaStyle office with two of my fave BurdaStyle members: Helene (CarotteSauvage) and Ana (AnaJan). I had so much fun hanging out with these girls! They really made my time in New York special.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help! Who made that coat?

A year or two ago I saw a blog post by someone who made a very long, warm winter coat. I can picture the woman perfectly but I just cannot remember her name. She made her coat really warm with some kind of insulation fabric. I want to find that fabric. I think she is Canadian, has a daughter, the coat was a bit shorter at the front, but basially ankle length... She has short hair... Anyone out there in sewing bloggerland know who I am talking about?

I want to start making a winter coat soon, I'm thinking of how I want it to be.