Monday, December 19, 2011


It was my friend's work Christmas party on Saturday night. I couldn't really turn down the invite for a cruise on the Danube, unlimited drinks and delicious dinner... The theme was 40s - 50s sailors. At first I was going to wear my stripe madness dress but I can hardly even breathe in that dress, how would I be able to gorge myself with all the yummy refreshments?

So then I was thinking to wear one of my polka dot dress but I wasn't totally happy with that solution (the right colours but not really sailor like....). I got home from work on Saturday at about 5pm, started getting ready for the night, doing my makeup and stuff. Then at 5:30 I decided to make a dress. At 6:30 I was out the door! One of the quickest dresses I have ever made. I didn't even try to really match the stripes, quite a liberating feeling!

The stripes look black in the pics but they are a very dark navy. This was some jersey I had left over from my Pride Parade dress. Yay for stretchy fabric - can eat as much as you like then. 

There were hundreds of people at this party and EVERYONE dressed up. I was so surprised. People in captain hats, striped tops, even a pirate or two!

Drinking, dancing, darts and csocsó. It was a fun night!                  


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