Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help! Who made that coat?

A year or two ago I saw a blog post by someone who made a very long, warm winter coat. I can picture the woman perfectly but I just cannot remember her name. She made her coat really warm with some kind of insulation fabric. I want to find that fabric. I think she is Canadian, has a daughter, the coat was a bit shorter at the front, but basially ankle length... She has short hair... Anyone out there in sewing bloggerland know who I am talking about?

I want to start making a winter coat soon, I'm thinking of how I want it to be.


  1. Are you thinking of Tanit-Isis?

  2. You are AMAZING Bridget!! That is exactly who I was thinking of!

  3. I was going to say, sounds like Tanit-itis!


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