Thursday, February 23, 2012

My BurdaStyle Book Coat

Here is the coat I made for the BurdaStyle book!

I made it in the summer of 2010. So long ago! I had a crazy week of sewing to get it finished in time for the deadline while working fulltime. I was up til 6:30am on the day I had to send it. Then my lovely friend Adorjan got up really early to take photos of me before the courier picked it up.

Budapest was already hot at 8:30am and I was wandering around the city in a wool coat...

I got my coat back when I went to New York for the book launch party in November and I have been wearing it every day since.

I got sent this lovely green wool from Pendelton.

I lengthened the bodice 7cm.
I lengthened the sleeves too.
I made a half circle skirt. I love circle skirts, I love the way they move. I made a facing for the hem.
Topstitching on all the bodice seams.
Extra buttons. I think too many. With triangular bound buttonholes.

I had to learn how to do regular bound buttonholes for the inside. Triangular ones are easier!

Etsy shop open!

My etsy shop is open! I called it Jodi Made (handmade by Jodi Wade). You can find it here. So far I just have a couple of sleeping masks there but I will add more things very soon.

Frida Kahlo inspired dark blue sleeping mask

Purple sleeping mask with bronze sequins

Dark blue mask with turquoise sequins

It was one of my New Years resolutions to finally put some items into my shop. I think I am doing quite well with my resolutions so far. One of them was that I wanted to exercise more - well I kind of overdid that last week I went to 5 classes in 3 days.... (There is this great addictive dance studio which has lots of different types of cool classes. I love it, it is so much fun!!). l messed up my shoulder a little though. Even now, a week later, it is still difficult to pull my jumper over my head... It is so worth the pain though!

They said to wear short shorts to the class and I didn't have any so I made these:

Grey marl with a navy waistband.

With floral pocket lining! Leftovers from the pajamas I made a few years ago.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where is Tibi?

This is my friend Tibi. He is really cute - he used to tell me he was "sixty nine and a half". He would serenade me on summer mornings when I started work. One day last year he gave me a couple of balls of blue wool and asked if I could knit. He asked me to make him some socks. My knitting skills aren't quite up to that so I crocheted this hat for him instead. It turned out a wee bit more pointy than I intended... :)

I gave the hat to him in November. And I haven't seen him since! So many of the homeless people from around this area have disappeared! I don't know what the government did with them. It was made illegal to be homeless here last year... Oh yes, there is a crazy government in Hungary... There were hundreds of homeless around here so I don't think they have all died. It is very strange. There are not enough places in shelters for that many people... Where are they?