Thursday, February 23, 2012

My BurdaStyle Book Coat

Here is the coat I made for the BurdaStyle book!

I made it in the summer of 2010. So long ago! I had a crazy week of sewing to get it finished in time for the deadline while working fulltime. I was up til 6:30am on the day I had to send it. Then my lovely friend Adorjan got up really early to take photos of me before the courier picked it up.

Budapest was already hot at 8:30am and I was wandering around the city in a wool coat...

I got my coat back when I went to New York for the book launch party in November and I have been wearing it every day since.

I got sent this lovely green wool from Pendelton.

I lengthened the bodice 7cm.
I lengthened the sleeves too.
I made a half circle skirt. I love circle skirts, I love the way they move. I made a facing for the hem.
Topstitching on all the bodice seams.
Extra buttons. I think too many. With triangular bound buttonholes.

I had to learn how to do regular bound buttonholes for the inside. Triangular ones are easier!


  1. What a gorgeous coat! You've done an amazing job, I just love it. The triangular bound buttonholes are an especially nice detail.

  2. The whole piece is STUNNING! I love the color, length, and those amazing bound buttonholes! Perfect!

  3. Such a beautiful and classic coat! Love the fresh mint green color! =)

  4. Hey Jody Wody, you have a couple of awards and a challenge waiting for you at my blog.
    By the way, it's so nice to see your coat in pictures!


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