Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where is Tibi?

This is my friend Tibi. He is really cute - he used to tell me he was "sixty nine and a half". He would serenade me on summer mornings when I started work. One day last year he gave me a couple of balls of blue wool and asked if I could knit. He asked me to make him some socks. My knitting skills aren't quite up to that so I crocheted this hat for him instead. It turned out a wee bit more pointy than I intended... :)

I gave the hat to him in November. And I haven't seen him since! So many of the homeless people from around this area have disappeared! I don't know what the government did with them. It was made illegal to be homeless here last year... Oh yes, there is a crazy government in Hungary... There were hundreds of homeless around here so I don't think they have all died. It is very strange. There are not enough places in shelters for that many people... Where are they?


  1. I hope they are in shelters. Nowadays policemen and other organizations send them to there in this weather.

  2. I hope so too. But I don't understand how so many people could find a place....


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