Thursday, April 5, 2012

Denim shorts

I have been starting a lot of sewing projects lately but not finishing them. I was looking through my stuff and found more than 15 half finished garments....

One of them was this pair of shorts. Spring is well and truly here so I thought these would be first up to get finished.

Pattern from Burda mag March 2011. I shortened them quite a bit. So much that I had to make the pockets shorter so they didn't show...

They are so comfortable! I used stretch denim I bought last year at the Çarşamba market in Istanbul.

 These days I am thinking so much about Istanbul, I would love to go back there. Maybe for a huge fabric and notions shopping trip later this year...

Floral pockets make me happy. So does the gingham binding.

I don't actually walk around with my shirt tucked in. That was just so you could see the shorts better... Here is what I actually looked like.


  1. I love these. The insides are great!

  2. These are glorious and perfect for the warmer weather! I like the length, and stretch denim works perfectly. Lovely work on the insides!

  3. The floral pockets and gingham binding make me happy too! What a nice touch. They look very nice on you, and I really like your boots with the outfit.

  4. The shorts are awesome and look really cool with the shirt tucked in. I like that you shortened the pockets-I find hanging out pockets from shortened short look really gross (like superloose undies or something) XD. Alright I'm gonna stop procrastinating on your blog and go get some work done now. Thanks for the inspiration+entertainment.


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