Sunday, April 1, 2012

OWOP - a week of Burda 7829

I managed to get through a week wearing the Burda dress pattern 7829 for  OWOP . It was hard, I got a bit bored by the end. And I didn't have the chance to wear all of the variations I own (some were a little too dressy for what I was doing during the week).

Day 1

Blue floral version of the dress and my striped jacket.

I went up into the Buda hills for kirándulás (excursion - but I think it sounds ridiculous in English to say "I went on an excursion"... In Hungarian though, it is a very normal word).

It was my first day this year outside with bare legs!

Then later I went to a concert, drank far too much. I think I danced...

Very modified version of the pattern, my Striped Madness Dress.

Day 2

I woke up hungover as hell. It was terrible. And it was daylight savings so I basically had to be at work an hour earlier than normal... On a Sunday.

When I finally managed to get out of bed I finished hand sewing the hem and sewing on the straps on my latest Burda 7829 dress. I finished up five minutes before I had to leave for work.

The fabric has tiny little red and blue flowers. I got it on one of my trips to Turkey last year. 

Yeah, it wasn't quite as warm as the photo suggests....

Will post more pics of it as soon as I find a willing photographer :)

Day 3 

My blue floral dress again, with a second hand cardigan, and my green coat, and sparkly leggings. Went out for some drinks with a friend I hadn't seen in a few years. 

Day 4 

My new Turkish floral dress with my aubergine cardigan, some leggings, and my plaid jacket when I was outside. I forgot to ask someone to take a pic. I tried my best to get myself in the frame...

I'm making a new shirt. I actually got a table a few months ago but after so many years of working on the floor I always forget that the table is there and just do everything on the floor anyway...

Day 5 

Come Back Summer dress and a grey wool cardigan I got at a second hand shop.

Day 6 

I forgot to take a photo! But I wore my blue floral dress again. I really did!

Day 7

My Come Back Summer dress, navy "jardigan", aubergine cardigan and bright pink leggings. I hadn't worn these leggings in about a year and suddenly I was wearing them twice in one week. It's nice to wear a bit of colour again after the long dreary winter.

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