Sunday, May 27, 2012

Me-Made-May 25-27

Day 25

I was in a sad mood and really tired - I fell asleep at 18:30 and missed my pole class! I wore a dress I made a few months ago for the first time. I love this dress - it's pretty crazy (sheer floral/tiger print/Indian headdress nylon!).  I don't want the first online glimpse of it to be a photo I take in my bathroom mirror... So no pic... Because of the sheerness of it I wore it with my new green leggings.

The day wasn't completely bad though. My parsley sprouted!!! I was so happy I was actually jumping up and down with excitement. I never imagined parsley ever making me so happy... ;) After buying the seeds a year ago I finally googled how to grow parsley and the stuff I read said it is one of the hardest herbs to grow and that it can take about 6 weeks for the seeds to germinate. So I was pretty discouraged and almost changed my mind about planting the seeds. But after just one week I have this!!

I may have put too many seeds in the container... the packet had about 2000 seeds. Why so many?? So I sowed a good amount of them... I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm not a gardener...

Day 26

This was a great day. This is a dress I  never wear because it has been in my "to fix" pile since last summer. So I finally shortened the straps. Still need to take in the bodice a little. I met my friend Marko for coffee. I had to use all my powers of persuasion to make him come to the gym with me afterwards. I feel much less silly working out if I'm not alone.

In the evening I met up with a couple of my friends to drink play darts. We used to work together last year. It was a really fun night! Szandi - is leaving the country next week so it was kind of a goodbye for her :( I'm gonna miss her!

This is a dress I made a few months ago. I think I haven't blogged about it yet. I made it from a basic sloper. There are little scallops all around the hem. The fabric has a bit of stretch so I didn't bother with a zip - I left a kind of slit that closes with a hook and eye at the  top. It doesn't stay closed all the time though so I may need to find a better solution.

I wore:
  • Red and white striped dress - self drafted
  • Grey shorts - very modifed Burda mag pattern
  • Blue striped top  - self drafted
  • Turquoise bikini - self drafted
  • Black scalloped mini dress - self drafted
  • Green leggings - self drafted
  • Blue striped jacket - Burda 7757

Day 27

I went swimming in the morning. It's so nice to start the day in the water but OMG am I tired... Too little sleep.

Another long Sunday at work. There was a stag party group staying. One of the group came down this morning to check out - with a mask. They all had masks made of the groom's face!!!

I wore:


  1. Seeeeedlings! I have coriander seedlings popping up (just from some seeds I threw out in the compost) winter's already begun so I don't know what they're up to.. Love the green leggings-gah red eye! Fix it fix it (Iphoto has a simple tool for that if you're on a Mac, PC should have something similar-if not download some free software but fix the red eye)! Can't wait to see your new make. Masks freak me out. In general I really don't like people hiding their faces XP 

  2. My eyes don't work with red eye fix. They usually go white.... I could probably fix the other girls eyes though... But I'm lazy for that. Next time.

  3. The striped dress is amazing.  Great attention to detail matching the stripes!  And the photo with the mask is freaky.

  4. Thanks Claudine! I'm surprised how many people find masks freaky! I thought it was hilarious... :)

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