Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me-Made-May Day 10

Day 10

This has been such a lovely day. I went to the market in the morning. I was on the hunt for some homemade jam. There was just one stall that I saw with jam. So I bought csipke jam there. I have no idea what csipke is.... I got talking to the other customer who was there. This lovely old lady. She told me I was beautiful, asked where I was from, if I was a student, if I was married. She was full of questions and compliments. After I said, no, I'm not married, she said "That's ok, you have lots of time. You don't need to be a slave." !!! I wonder what her married life was like. She was so sweet and curious. I kinda wished I could adopt her to be my Hungarian grandmother.

I love going to that market, the people are so nice there.

I used my basket with my new blue polka dot basket liner. It ties with big cream satin ribbons. I like it much better than the old liner. I bought around five metres of this polka dot fabric.... Yes, maybe a little excessive but I really like it! I think I will make a dress or two from it.

I wore:

I think this dress has some magic in it. I always get so much attention when I wear it and people seem to act nicer.

Making chicken soup for a hungry Denisa :)


  1. That dress is so pretty, it is easy to see why you get lots of compliments when you wear it :)

  2. I love your project, especially this dress! So colourful! ;))
    The 'csipke' has got 2 meaning in Hungary: it means 'lace' but in this situation it means 'rosehip'. 'Rosehip' is 'csipkebogyó' in Hungarian, but we cut down this word and we say only 'csipke'. I think it is a really delicious jam! ;D

  3. Ah. Rosehip! Köszi. I tried the jam. It was not like what I was expecting. At all. I had to keep telling myself I was not eating pancakes covered in ketchup....

  4. I love this dress! The purple, grey and chartreuse combo really rocks and it seems to do really good things for your complexion. Alright, adding you to my RSS feed now!


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