Saturday, May 19, 2012

Me-Made-May Day 19

Day 19

I love going to the market on Saturday mornings. It is full of people, lots of sellers come in from the countryside with their homegrown vegetables and herbs and homemade jam. I bought honey and tomato plants and some kind of baby parsnip (?). I'm not really sure what it is, I asked for parsley but I guess the lady didn't have any so she sold me what she could :) I think she is really cute, a real countryside woman.

The honey man asked where I was from. He said his colleague just got back from there and that New Zealand has great honey. He's right. I actually quite miss NZ honey. He recommended I get Acacia honey because they don't have it in NZ so that's what I got. It's so much nicer shopping at the market instead of at a supermarket!

I used my basket with its me-made basket liner. Blue with polka dots!

One of my friends was meant to work out with me but he was super late (more than an hour!). He arrived right when I was finishing up my laps in the pool. So we sat in the sauna and gossiped for a bit.

Now for an evening at work I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses with my petticoat which you can't see, but it's there.

I wore:

  • Turquoise bikini - self drafted
  • Navy sporty top -self drafted
  • Grey shorts (I was too chicken to ask someone in the gym to take a pic for me)
  • Grey dress - Jonny from Burdastyle
  • Lavender petticoat
  • Blue striped jacket - Burda 7757


  1. I like the favourite dress. Are you planning to knock it off anytime soon?

  2. Also, what drafting system do you use? Any specific books? Also, can you install disqus for commenting so I can keep track of responses (I don't have a blogger account) and don't have to use recaptcha? XD

  3. At first I was very mad that you got me to install disqus because ALL of my comments disappeared. But then I figured it out :)

    Somewhere (I can't really remember where) I found a chapter of Winifred Aldrich's Metric Pattern Cutting. It has good instructions for how to make a bodice sloper.  

    For swimsuit drafting I LOVE It's good for learning about negative ease (for tight, stretchy garments). The guy on there explains how and why you do certain things so it makes sense.


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