Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Me Made May - Days 1 and 2

Me-Made-May '12 has started! A month of wearing me-made clothes. It seems like summer has started already too. 30 degree days in Budapest!

Day 1

I wore:

I didn't have any me-made sporty tops so I quickly whipped one up before going to the gym in the afternoon. I did some weights and then went for a swim. I wore my bikini which I made about 3 years ago which is still (amazingly) wearable after being worn at least 100 times. I didn't get any pics there cos I felt kinda weird asking someone to take one for me!

Day 2

I wore:

I went to a pole dance class this morning. I love the classes and the trainers so much that I go all the way to BUDA for 7:30 am classes. (Even though there is another pole dance studio ten minutes walk from my place....). It is so much fun!! It always puts me in a great mood. It's become quite an addiction.

I have some rather large bruises on my leg from the pole. These were very visible in my short dress and some rude stranger on the street asked me "who bit your thigh?" !!!!!!! I was gobsmacked. I was too surprised to even be able to answer anything.

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