Friday, May 18, 2012

Me-Made-May Days 17 and 18

This month is passing pretty quickly! I'm loving following the flickr group and seeing what all the other MMMers are wearing. There are some very talented ladies out there.

Day 17

I wore:

  • Navy and white striped dress - no pattern (it's a huge rectangle folded in half, the neck cut out, the sides sewn up leaving armholes)
  • New shiny green leggings
  • Navy cardigan - very modified Jonny dress pattern from BurdaStyle
  • Plaid jacket - when it got cold 
  • My BurdaStyle Book coat - when it got really cold
  • Navy sporty top
  • Navy leggings

I think this is the second time I have ever worn this dress. It's a stretchy jersey dress... It makes me very aware of my flaws. I don't like feeling fat and this dress does that. Hence it usually stays in my wardrobe. Somehow the belt makes me feel more ok though. I hadn't actually finished off the dress completely the first time I wore it. Well it was finished enough for the occasion. So before heading out I hemmed the bottom and the sleeves and cut the neckline lower and hemmed that too. I got a lot of looks on the street in this outfit. I think it was the shininess of the leggings...

One of my pole trainers saw my leggings and asked me to make her a pair! Getting more sewing work!

I went to hoop class. 

I was so happy that I could finally do this move without my knees feeling like they would break!

Late in the evening I went out into the cold to go to a friend's place to drink some nice wine.

Day 18

I wore:
A guest at work left her little doggy all alone for the whole day! The poor thing was shaking from fear! After I finished my shift I took it for a walk.


I tried a new type of pole class today. Show girl pole dance. This is the kind of dance I think most people imagine when they think of pole dancing :) The classes I normally go to are more about strength and pole dancing as a sport. This was more about moving in a sexy way :) We learnt (ok, we tried very hard to learn) a short choreography. It was really fun!


  1. Good on you. One of my friends has been doing pole for a couple of years now. Her upper body got enormously muscly so she had to start kick boxing to strengthen her lower body XD

  2. I hope I don't get super muscly!!!


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