Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Me-Made-May Days 20 and 21

Day 20

I got up super early and made chicken and vegetable soup. I added that vegetable which I bought on Saturday. BTW, I found out it was actually a type of parsley. Root parsley! I cut the whole thing up and put it in the soup. It isn't exactly my new favorite vegetable.... Edible, but not something I would probably buy ever again if I can find normal parsley.

After cooking I went swimming. Walking to the the pool at 8am I saw lots of people my age still on the streets drinking. I want to be one of them, partying long after the sun is up! It made me feel so boring and old! What happened to me?? Now I'm getting up at 6:30am on a Sunday to cook healthy food and exercise.... Of course it is nice being the only one in the pool (sometimes I am the only one in the whole fitness centre) but maybe I need to party a bit more...

I spent the whole entire day at work. A 12 hour shift. There were so many incredibly stupid guests. I couldn't believe it. Normally there is a much better ratio of cool to stupid people. There were people who lost their friends. People who lost their passports. People who couldn't make the showers work. At the end I was just expecting every person who walked in the door to have some stupid problem. Some of it was very, very funny. Some of it was not.

I wore:

The window to the office is quite reflective (you can still see in) and there are more than a few people every day stopping to check themselves out, fix their hair, adjust their sunglasses etc, sometimes for a few minutes! So this is me pretending to be one of them. 

Day 21

Day off work! I went to the sewing machine store. I want to buy an overlocker. The man working there  recommended a brand I have never even heard of - Gritzner. I tried googling them but there is really very little information on their current machines....

If you have any tips, on what to look for in an overlocker, or any specific models you recommend, please do share! I have an overlocker in storage in New Zealand. I got it for Christmas when I was 16. The threads kept unthreading every single time I sewed something and it was a bitch to rethread so I think I used it on just one or two garments... Easy threadability is very high on my list!

Somehow, in my hunt for overlocker reviews online I came across the Juki website. SEWING PORN! Seriously. They have such cool machines that I didn't know existed! They have videos showing how all the different machines work. If I ever win lotto I think I will go crazy and buy a lot of very specific sewing machines. Like this button sewing machine! Ok, so I think you can sew buttons on with most machines if you have the right foot but this machine does it all!!! And there is a machine, just for setting in sleeves! I spent far too much time on that website, watching all the videos and dreaming...

In the evening I went to a pole class. Most of the time I was on the spinning pole. It is like it sounds, not a fixed in place pole, but one which spins. It is possible to do some pretty cool moves on it but man does it make me dizzy. It's so hard to stop once you are spinning fast.

I wore my newest top. It's a beautiful shade of mauve. I made it with crossover straps at the back (my RTW singlets have straps which a constantly falling off my shoulders which drives me crazy). I hate (HATE HATE HATE) racerbacks. I think they are the ugliest type of back you can have on a garment. Full stop. I can see how they are practical, but that does not make them pretty.

The straps on my crossover back do not stay in place though! They move closer to my neck if I lift my arms and then it feels like I am naked so I have to look down to check that I am still actually wearing my top. Will have to play with my design a little....

I wore:

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