Thursday, May 24, 2012

Me-Made-May Days 22-24

Me-Made-May has been passing so fast! Just one more week and then May is over. This whole year is passing so fast. But I am having fun! I am happy - finally.

Day 22

In the day I did a little sewing and in the evening I went to pole class. On my way back I walk past the Great Market Hall. I love that building. It is right next door to the uni I went to. Usually when I go to pole in the morning I stop in here afterwards and buy pastries for breakfast - I love kakaós csiga. This is one of the reasons I can work out pretty much every single day and not lose weight.

Later I went and had dinner with one of my friends. Can you tell what kind of restaurant it is from the decor? No. You cannot. Because it has hideous animal heads everywhere! It is a Chinese restaurant - they have delicious dumplings. But they seem to not care at all about the atmosphere. They have a nice separate little room (more Chinese looking - no dead animals all over the walls) with benches and tables you sometimes have to get to share with other customers but nowadays they always tell me it is shut. It's a shame - strangers have let me try their food in that little room, people are friendlier there.

I wore:

  • Red and pink plaid dress - modified Burda 7831 blouse pattern 
  • Navy cardigan - modified Jonny dress pattern from BurdaStyle
  • Grey shorts
  • Navy sporty top

Day 23

It's so nice to start the day on the pole. But man does it hurt. Just on the 22nd and 23rd I added about 20 more bruises to my legs. I wish I was exaggerating. I love the pole classes because I am always learning new tricks or making small improvements. I couldn't do this a month ago.

I got some delicious cherries at the market. The sign made me laugh. It says "Fresh sweet extra Hungarian".

I wore:

Day 24

This was a nice day. I met my friend Marko for lunch. Then I continued my hunt for an overlocker. So hard to decide what to buy! I'm stuck between two machines. One is cheaper but a brand I don't know (Gritzner 788 - have you heard of it?? The man in the shop is trying to convince me to get this one). It uses 2,3, 4 threads and has lots of feet included. The way it feeds the fabric isn't so great though. The other is a Bernina 700d. It costs A LOT more than the Gritzner, it can only do 3 and 4 threads, and it doesn't have a free arm.... And extra feet are super expensive. Like 10 000ft (30 euro) for an elasticator foot (but this foot is much better than the Gritzner....)  But it's a Bernina... Both come with 3 year warranties. Decisions.... 

Four years ago when I bought my sewing machine in that shop I talked to that same sales man in English. Now he only speaks Hungarian with me! It makes me so happy! I'm finally improving my language skills. I have tried bargaining with him though to no avail. Why didn't the Turks bring their haggling culture when they occupied Hungary? I miss Istanbul... Shopping is a more fun, if tiring, experience there. That is another thing to consider when I buy this overlocker - either I can spend all my money on the Bernina and extra feet etc and not eat out/drink/do anything for the next few months, OR buy the much cheaper machine and go to Istanbul and buy lots of beautiful fabric.... 

This evening I went to hoop class. I didn't get any photos this time - I looked all sweaty and gross. It was a really tiring class! I actually walked there for once (I usually take the tram there and walk back). I'm going to start walking more! It's much more interesting. I run into more people I know, I can peer into all the shop windows, and stop and and listen to the piano music pouring out of restaurants. 

I wore:


  1. heeheehee the restaurant guys are probably. going, 'Oh no, here's that chick that eats out of other people's plates, don't let her into the special room!' XD Good on you getting so good at the pole. Also, great that you walk everywhere. I love seeing all your cool makes around your city. Wish I lived closer to the city centre (the suburbs of Melbourne are hideous cookie-cuter mcmansions with no style/ uniqueness whatever but the city centre has heaps of cool old buildings with gargoyles and what not XD). Also loving disqus. Thank you thank you for setting it up.

  2. thanks for sharing your week x

  3. Melbourne... I miss that city! It was my home for a year when I was 19.
    Haha, I wouldn't say I am good at the pole. But I'm getting better at the things I can do.


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