Sunday, May 6, 2012

Me-Made-May Days 4-6

Me-Made-May is passing really quickly!

I have spent most of the past few days in bed (except for when I have had to go to work). I have a really bad cold. It's crazy - it's summer, it's not the time for being sick. It messed up all my nice weekend plans :(

I have been watching lots of Grey's Anatomy. Seeing really sick fictional people makes me feel better.

Day 4

I wore:

Day 5

I wore:
  • Black and white dress - modified E971, a free tunic download from BurdaFashion
  • Black and white belt I made to go with the dress
  • Lavender petticoat - still no pics of this, sorry.

I didn't have so much energy this day but I had just enough to climb up onto this air conditioning thing. I have been getting the security guard at work to take most of my pics this month. We were looking for a funny location somewhere around the building. He said lots of people take their pics here! The barbed wire freaks out the guests. I think it is super scary if you are going to a foreign city and this is in your hotel :) 

Day 6

First I wore:

Then I went home for a long break before going back to work for a few hours. It wasn't actually so so warm today. So later I got changed.

I wore:


  1. Awesome cut-out t-shirt, your self drafted stuff is really good!. The blazer is cool too, I tend to watch House the same way (watched Grey's the first season or two then got over the drama XD). House irritates me sometimes, but I get over it..

  2. Thanks! I've never seen House... Maybe when I need a new show to watch I will check that out.


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