Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me-Made-May Days 28-31

Day 28

It was a public holiday. Pentecost. I don't really know what that is... something about Jesus? Coming back? No idea...

I have an English student who I absolutely adore. Nowadays she is more my sewing student. She came round to my place in the morning to sew. We made makeup bags. I'll ask her if I can post some pics of the dress she just made - she is really talented!

Then I went to the gym and swam.

I wore:

Day 29

I went to a pole studio I never normally go to (even though it is only 10 min walk away). I was completely surprised to go in and find a male trainer! Yes - there are male pole dancers! It was actually a really great class.  

Then I went to work and all the guests were being crazy. One thing I like about my job: every day is different because the people are always changing. 

After work I ran to a bar to watch a friend's cabaret performance but got there ten minutes too late!

Can you tell I drank too much gin and tonic?

I drank enough to dance. It was a lot of fun.  I really shouldn't go to that bar though - it always brings out my bad side.... ;) I got home around 3am...

I wore:

  • Nyar van dress
  • Shorts
  • A sporty top

Day 30

I felt like DEATH. I had about 2.5 hours sleep, then dragged myself out of bed. The whole time I was in the shower I was considering hopping back into bed but I made it to 7:30am pole class. I adore my pole trainer, Roni. She is a sweetheart - she gave me glucose, it was exactly what I needed.

Then I went to work. For 14 hours.... It was so long... The morning shift was so quiet but at night it was crazy with the guests and problems and overbookings....

I wore:

  • Grey shorts
  • Some sporty top, can't remember which one now
  • Blue floral dress - Burda 7829

Day 31

I went to aerial silk class as well as hoop. Silk is hard! So hard on the arms! I much prefer hoop.

I wore:

  • Turkish flowers dress - Burda 7829
  • Pink sporty top
  • Navy leggings


  1. And you looked pretty every single day, even with the hangover.
    Student? what do you teach?

  2. Heheheh your post made me laugh. I like the blue dress the most, and yes you should post your student's makes if you can!


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