Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Black Bikini

It's been really hot again so on Friday I spent the day at Lake Velence. It's a quite big lake only one hour from Budapest by train. I got more pics of my new bikini so I thought I would properly introduce it.

I wore my old turquoise bikini well over a hundred times and now the back of the bottom is getting a bit threadbare so I had to make a new one. I'm surprised how well the 400 ft (1.5 euro)/metre fabric held up!

I made two very similar bikinis three years ago. And I freaking hell lost the patterns I spent hours working on sometime during my many moves!!! So I had redraft them.

I was never happy with the original bottoms though so for the black bikini I made them a lot smaller. I went with the "try on and cut smaller method". I was going to have a drawstring at the side of these bottoms too but I bought the last of the swimsuit elastic at the closest shop and somehow used it all up! Six metres! It's crazy how much elastic is needed. Next time I make bottoms I will add about 2cm to the top of the back. I cut it a little too low. These have a centre back seam.

Don't look at my spine... I've rubbed the skin off it in aerial hoop class... I tell myself it is worth the pain. Not so sure about the scars though.

See all those lovely, fluffy white clouds. They quickly changed to big grey ones, there was thunder and it started pissing down. I think every second time I go to Velence there is a thunder storm!

At the back of this top I decided to have a tie. On my turquoise one the clip would undo itself every so often.... Like once a month. A clip is much easier to do up but this just feels so much more secure. I'm still not decided on whether this is my favourite solution though.

I lined it in red fabric. The whole of the top and the front of the bottoms.

If you are interested in making swimwear look at the website Pattern School.  I love this site! It has lots of information on how to draft swimsuits, it teaches you about things like negative ease. It's pretty interesting stuff. My top is a variation of the bandeau.

On the looooooong walk back to the train station at Velence (we had somehow managed to walk by accident to Sukoró, a town miles away) we stopped for lángos in the cutest little place.


  1. Thanks for sharing liks to patternschol.com! It comes in handy as I am planning to make a swimsuit :) I like your new bikini! Have you lined it with the special lining for swimsuits?

  2. It is just some very stretchy, very thin fabric. I couldn't find proper swimsuit lining.

  3. It's beautiful! And I love your hair ;D I usually prefer clips, but your tie thingy looks quite good! :)

  4. Very nice and beautiful:)I love it:)


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