Friday, November 23, 2012

Barbie dresses for Lulu

This is Lulu. She's 3. She's the daughter of a very good friend of mine in New Zealand. She wanted to be Barbie so during the summer I made this dress for her. She has only received it just now though (I kind of didn't want to part with it and took a long time sending it...). Her dad just sent me this pic. Isn't she just so adorable!

I had so much fun making this dress - getting to put in all the girly, pretty little details. I would love to design little girls dresses all the time. The idea of making a woman's dress seems quite boring in comparison.

Would you believe I used about two metres of fabric for such a tiny dress! Because of using the sequinned scalloped edge everywhere - on the hem, on the sleeve edges, on the bottom of the bodice. It's my own design. I wanted it to be like a princess dress and long but during the summer I was in love with mullet hems so it is shorter at the front. It has little pink flower buttons down the back. Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the back.

I made a matching strapless ballgown for Lulu's Barbie too. This is my Barbie in the pics. 

She likes gardening.

And she is fearless - not afraid at all of the long drop.

I bought this Barbie maybe five years ago but the first time I undressed her was to fit this dress. I was surprised. She's so different from the Barbies I had as a kid. The way her arms and legs are attached is really not how I remember. If you lift her arm it looks like she has a tumour in her armpit.....But it means she is super flexible. Her bust is small and her feet are tiny and creepy (they are the same size as her hands!). Maybe it is because she is a European Barbie?

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  1. So pretty! Isn't it fun to know that something you designed and made is lighting up another corner of the world?


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