Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fringed leotard

Hi! I haven't blogged in months. Not because I haven't been making anything, but I haven't been able to take photos (my camera battery went kaput. I NEED a new camera!). A blog post just doesn't feel right to me without photos.

I have actually been doing quite a lot of sewing. I bought an overlocker late last year. I love it so much. I splurged on a Babylock. Seriously, it is my baby. I never imagined I could love a machine like this. It THREADS ITSELF. It's like magic! I used to have an overlocker a million years ago when I lived in NZ but I never used it because it would always unthread and it was a bitch to rethread. But my Babylock.... Love...

I made this leotard a few months ago. Now I wear it every week at hoop class. At first it was a little plain.

So I added a fringe to it. I used a strip of the same fabric and put cuts in it all the way around. A little movement to a garment makes me happy.

My friend Sam was lovely enough to take lots of photos for me the other day. You can see some more of his pics on his Tumblr.


  1. Hello! So good to see you again! And so sorry about your camara!
    First: the pictures are amazing, very,very good photos! So congratulations to Sam :D
    And the leotard is so pretty with you in lost weight since last year, right?
    Anyway, great to have you back!

  2. Hey Merche! Thank you! I have been exactly the same weight for the last year and a half - I think my fat/muscle ratio has changed though.

  3. Your leotard is super cute, I love the fringe! I can just imagine how lovely it looks when you twirl. And the pictures are divine, like something from a romantic magazine photoshoot. :)

  4. Love the leotard - the fringe is such a fabulous touch!


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