Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pole outfit for Manyi

One my aerial hoop classmates, Manyi, asked me to make her outfit for her pole dance performance in the Dollhouse Amateur Championship.

She was incredible - she won lots of prizes - the 1st place for her level in the pole dance and was the Abszolút Bajnok "the Absolute Champion" of the competition!!

It took a lot of fittings but eventually we got the shape of the leotard right. It has a built in bra and adjustable straps. Manyi added the rhinestones for some bling.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Me-Made-May Days 15-22

Day 15

Forgot to take a pic until late...

What I wore:

Day 16

I got a new camera! So happy! Had a pina colada at a cafe on the street with my friends. It's never too early for cocktails, right?

What I wore:

Day 17

This top was one of my favourites. Then I caught it on something and ripped a huge hole in one of the sleeves. So I cut off the sleeve.

What I wore:

  • Polka dot polo - Burda magazine September 2010
  • Black and lace singlet top - self drafted. I'm wearing it under the polo, it's not so visible
  • Mauve satin skirt - self drafted

Day 18

This was a really good day. Pole dancing, lunch with a friend, work, a little drinking at the end of the day.

What I wore:

When it got cold later on:

I went to pole dance class in the morning which included a "femininity workshop".

What I wore:

  • Cut-out leotard - self drafted

Day 19

It was really hot! Really felt like summer.

What I wore:

Day 20

My first day off work after 11 days in a row. I didn't even go outside. Spent the day sewing sewing sewing. Have been working on lots of bridesmaids dresses for a client. So nice to work on pretty, girly things.

What I wore:

Day 21

What I wore:

  • Blue floral dress - Burda 7829 
  • Black pullover - self drafted. I really should blog about these. I made two exactly the same because I wear them so much.

Day 22

I got up early to go to hoop class. Far too early.

Learning a new trick. Pain. Blood.

What I wore:

It was a busy day. Aerial hoop. Met up with a new sewing student, went pattern and fabric shopping with her. Finished up the bridesmaids dresses. Friends came round. The last few weeks have been so exhausting. Too much work. Too much stress and sewing. My place is a mess. Tomorrow... I will tidy up tomorrow...

What I wore:

  • Scallop neck polka dot dress - bodice based on Danielle pattern, the rest self drafted
  • Lavender petticoat - self drafted, not visible
  • Blue wrap cardigan

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made-May Days 11-14

Day 11

What I wore  in the day: 

What I wore at night:

  • Black pullover - self drafted
  • Rainbow Pride Dress  - self drafted
  • Shiny Green Leggings  - self drafted

Day 12

What I wore:

I think this was maybe only the second time I have worn this dress even though I made it years ago. It is sheer and I don't have a proper petticoat to wear under it but I finally realised I could wear it with leggings and it would look ok.

Day 13

What I wore:

  • Flowers, Indian headdresses and Tiger print dress
  • Green shiny leggings
  • Blue striped singlet
This dress I think had it's third outing ever. I made it a year and a half ago. I love the print but it is nylon and not very nice against the skin. I put it on in the morning and was going to take it off straight away because it felt so scratchy but then I thought I have been doing so well not repeating any dresses so I kept it on and after a while I didn't even really notice the roughness of the fabric.

Day 14

What I wore:

I repeated a dress for the first time this month. It is in a totally different outfit this time. It was coooooold today. As if we are heading into autumn already rather than into summer.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hoop Outfit for Rózsa

One of my friends from hoop class asked me to make her costume for the aerial hoop competition we were in.

It's basically a unitard made from shiny semi-sheer fabric with opaque fabric to cover the most important parts ;) It zips up the back.

Rózsa was so great in the competition. I wish I had videos of everyone's performance.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Me-Made-May13 Days 8-10

This month is passing very quickly. So far I have managed to not repeat any complete outfits. A few garments I have worn more than once, but not in the same combinations.

Day 8

What I wore: 

I really like this outfit a lot but forgot to ask anyone to take a pic for me. 

Day 9

What I wore: 

After work I went to hoop class.

What I wore: 

Day 10

I went round to my friend Adorjan's for dinner. His sister cooked for us. It was so good. Adorjan is an artist so he just happened to have this huge frame lying around which seemed perfect for my pic of the day.

What I wore:

Later on it got colder so I got changed to go out for a drink or two.

What I wore:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Aerial Hoop Competition

I have been going to aerial hoop classes for the past year or so. There are four of us who have been learning together for most of that time. It's a nice little group, we practise together most weeks. A few months ago the dance school I go to announced that there would be a amateur aerial arts and pole dance competition on April 28th. My wonderful aerial hoop teacher, Helga, told us we had to enter... I was a bit reluctant at first. I'm pretty shy and to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and "dance"...  Scary! Helga talked us all into it though and was so encouraging and helpful. It was nice to have a goal - something to really work towards. We had a few stressful months of getting ready. Lots of extra practise, workshops, I went to more stretch classes and dance classes. Working out our choreographies, choosing songs, deciding what to wear.

The night before the competition I couldn't sleep. I was so nervous.

I went to the venue. Not too long after that Helga arrived. She is amazing. She brought a huge bag full of chocolate for us! She helped with our makeup, covered us in glitter. Glitter on our eyelids, on our arms and body, in our hair... I think Helga was just as nervous as us.

With all the girls after the competition

The hoop was the first category which was good because then I got to watch the aerial silk and pole dance when my own performance was done. I didn't win but I had such a great time!

I had this vision in my head of myself in black sequins. I hunted all over the city for black stretch sequin fabric. I went to about six different fabric shops. It does not seem to exist in Budapest. You can get it any other colour, even orange. In the end I found some beautiful blue sequinned fabric. It was a BITCH to sew. I broke so many needles. And they didn't break like normal where the tip of the needle stays attached to the thread, these ones went flying at me so I ended up sewing in sunglasses.

I designed and drafted the pattern.

I love sequins. I have used sequins in so many outfits over the years. I made a little mistake this time choosing square sequins. They had sharp little points which stuck into my legs. So painful. I had to remove all of the sequins from the edges of the hems individually. It all worked out in the end though. It has flesh coloured mesh at the top and black lining fabric under the sequins. I made my slippers too and hand sewed sequins on them.