Friday, May 10, 2013

Aerial Hoop Competition

I have been going to aerial hoop classes for the past year or so. There are four of us who have been learning together for most of that time. It's a nice little group, we practise together most weeks. A few months ago the dance school I go to announced that there would be a amateur aerial arts and pole dance competition on April 28th. My wonderful aerial hoop teacher, Helga, told us we had to enter... I was a bit reluctant at first. I'm pretty shy and to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and "dance"...  Scary! Helga talked us all into it though and was so encouraging and helpful. It was nice to have a goal - something to really work towards. We had a few stressful months of getting ready. Lots of extra practise, workshops, I went to more stretch classes and dance classes. Working out our choreographies, choosing songs, deciding what to wear.

The night before the competition I couldn't sleep. I was so nervous.

I went to the venue. Not too long after that Helga arrived. She is amazing. She brought a huge bag full of chocolate for us! She helped with our makeup, covered us in glitter. Glitter on our eyelids, on our arms and body, in our hair... I think Helga was just as nervous as us.

With all the girls after the competition

The hoop was the first category which was good because then I got to watch the aerial silk and pole dance when my own performance was done. I didn't win but I had such a great time!

I had this vision in my head of myself in black sequins. I hunted all over the city for black stretch sequin fabric. I went to about six different fabric shops. It does not seem to exist in Budapest. You can get it any other colour, even orange. In the end I found some beautiful blue sequinned fabric. It was a BITCH to sew. I broke so many needles. And they didn't break like normal where the tip of the needle stays attached to the thread, these ones went flying at me so I ended up sewing in sunglasses.

I designed and drafted the pattern.

I love sequins. I have used sequins in so many outfits over the years. I made a little mistake this time choosing square sequins. They had sharp little points which stuck into my legs. So painful. I had to remove all of the sequins from the edges of the hems individually. It all worked out in the end though. It has flesh coloured mesh at the top and black lining fabric under the sequins. I made my slippers too and hand sewed sequins on them.


  1. Wow! Just wow! you are so remarkable!

  2. This is the best MMM ever! So cool!

  3. Megan GrandstaffMay 10, 2013 at 10:23 PM

    OMG. This is INCREDIBLE! I hear you on sewing with sequins - it's so tough - but the results are so stunning!!! BRAVO on such a fabulous piece!!!

  4. Jodi, you're so cool that you sew in sunglasses, i love it :D
    btw, you look fabulous on the hoop!!!

  5. I can't say what I am most impressed with: your leotard or your performance! Amazing! Do you have any videos to share?

  6. Thank you! I have a video but the quality is really bad so I didn't wanna post it.

  7. You look AMAZING. Worth the sequin pain!


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