Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Me-Made-May Days 15-22

Day 15

Forgot to take a pic until late...

What I wore:

Day 16

I got a new camera! So happy! Had a pina colada at a cafe on the street with my friends. It's never too early for cocktails, right?

What I wore:

Day 17

This top was one of my favourites. Then I caught it on something and ripped a huge hole in one of the sleeves. So I cut off the sleeve.

What I wore:

  • Polka dot polo - Burda magazine September 2010
  • Black and lace singlet top - self drafted. I'm wearing it under the polo, it's not so visible
  • Mauve satin skirt - self drafted

Day 18

This was a really good day. Pole dancing, lunch with a friend, work, a little drinking at the end of the day.

What I wore:

When it got cold later on:

I went to pole dance class in the morning which included a "femininity workshop".

What I wore:

  • Cut-out leotard - self drafted

Day 19

It was really hot! Really felt like summer.

What I wore:

Day 20

My first day off work after 11 days in a row. I didn't even go outside. Spent the day sewing sewing sewing. Have been working on lots of bridesmaids dresses for a client. So nice to work on pretty, girly things.

What I wore:

Day 21

What I wore:

  • Blue floral dress - Burda 7829 
  • Black pullover - self drafted. I really should blog about these. I made two exactly the same because I wear them so much.

Day 22

I got up early to go to hoop class. Far too early.

Learning a new trick. Pain. Blood.

What I wore:

It was a busy day. Aerial hoop. Met up with a new sewing student, went pattern and fabric shopping with her. Finished up the bridesmaids dresses. Friends came round. The last few weeks have been so exhausting. Too much work. Too much stress and sewing. My place is a mess. Tomorrow... I will tidy up tomorrow...

What I wore:

  • Scallop neck polka dot dress - bodice based on Danielle pattern, the rest self drafted
  • Lavender petticoat - self drafted, not visible
  • Blue wrap cardigan

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  1. Hey Jodi! Love the asymmetrical sleeve lengths on the black top. At first I wondered why you haven't cut off both sleeves, but this way the top is so so interesting. Oh, and love your leotards. Snap some photos of the braidsmaids dresses, would love to see them.


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