Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me-Made-May Days 11-14

Day 11

What I wore  in the day: 

What I wore at night:

  • Black pullover - self drafted
  • Rainbow Pride Dress  - self drafted
  • Shiny Green Leggings  - self drafted

Day 12

What I wore:

I think this was maybe only the second time I have worn this dress even though I made it years ago. It is sheer and I don't have a proper petticoat to wear under it but I finally realised I could wear it with leggings and it would look ok.

Day 13

What I wore:

  • Flowers, Indian headdresses and Tiger print dress
  • Green shiny leggings
  • Blue striped singlet
This dress I think had it's third outing ever. I made it a year and a half ago. I love the print but it is nylon and not very nice against the skin. I put it on in the morning and was going to take it off straight away because it felt so scratchy but then I thought I have been doing so well not repeating any dresses so I kept it on and after a while I didn't even really notice the roughness of the fabric.

Day 14

What I wore:

I repeated a dress for the first time this month. It is in a totally different outfit this time. It was coooooold today. As if we are heading into autumn already rather than into summer.

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  1. That Mauve skirt, I love it! I also like the blue polka dot dress.


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