Saturday, May 11, 2013

Me-Made-May13 Days 8-10

This month is passing very quickly. So far I have managed to not repeat any complete outfits. A few garments I have worn more than once, but not in the same combinations.

Day 8

What I wore: 

I really like this outfit a lot but forgot to ask anyone to take a pic for me. 

Day 9

What I wore: 

After work I went to hoop class.

What I wore: 

Day 10

I went round to my friend Adorjan's for dinner. His sister cooked for us. It was so good. Adorjan is an artist so he just happened to have this huge frame lying around which seemed perfect for my pic of the day.

What I wore:

Later on it got colder so I got changed to go out for a drink or two.

What I wore:

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