Thursday, May 9, 2013

Me Made May - Days 1-7

The first week of Me-Made-May 2013 has been really fun. Lots of work but lots of fun stuff too.

Day 1

This was a big public holiday here. I had lunch with a friend at one of my fave cafes then went to work. Spring lasted about a week here, it basically went straight from Winter to Summer. It's very hot already!

What I wore:

Earlier in the day I went to the gym, did some weights and stretching, then some swimming. I looooooove the gym I go to, they have the most beautiful pool. Sorry, I didn't get any pics there though.

What I wore:

  • Blue striped singlet
  • Purple shorts
  • New turquoise and black bikini

Day 2

What I wore: 

  • Red and pink plaid dress
  • Black jumper

I went to aerial hoop class. It was fun. For the last few months we have been practising our choreographies without much changes, trying to perfect them, but this day we tried to learn some new tricks for once. Not so successful yet but will get there!

What I wore: 

Day 3

Worked for most of the day. I told my colleagues in the morning that I wanted to make x amount  from selling stuff to pay for a photo shoot I wanted to do that evening. The whole day we didn't sell anything at all so I was really considering skipping the shoot. 10 minutes before my shift finished I made the amount I wanted plus 50 forint (0.15 euro). It was like magic! Maybe I should say my financial goals aloud everyday!

What I wore: 

Then I went to the photo shoot. It was really enjoyable. I will post the pics from it soon.

Later in the evening I went out with my friends. Got drunk. Had fun :)

Didn't know this fox but he was happy to take pics with us.

What I wore: 

Day 4

I was a wee bit hungover so stayed in bed quite late. In the afternoon I went to the Mai Mano photo museum. They have some very thought provoking exhibitions at the moment. It's so interesting to see a glimpse of how other people live.

What I wore: 

Day 5

What I wore:

  • Scallop neck polka dot dress - bodice based on Danielle pattern, the rest self drafted
  • Lavender petticoat - self drafted, hidden :)
  • Blue striped Jacket - Burda 7757

I worked all day. Then I went out for a drink later and randomly ran into the fox guys from Friday night!

Day 6

What I wore:

Day 7


What I wore:

  • Pink top - self drafted
  • Denim shorts - Burda mag pattern March 2011

I had the whole day off work. It was so nice after 8 days in a row working. I spent the morning doing lots of sewing then went to pole dance class.

What I wore:

  • Black cutout leotard - self drafted

Then I went to aerial silk class. I don't usually do silk. It was fun but hurt like hell.

What I wore: 


  1. Wow! I am impressed by your gymnastic skills. Looks amazing. And on top of that all is done in me-mades? Very cool!

  2. I found you in mmm flickr group, like your blog, so will become your reader%)

  3. Lovely outfits! I really like the scalloped dress. Your gymnastics look fab!


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