Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bridesmaids dresses

A woman I have known for several years got married recently. She asked me to make five bridesmaids dresses for the little girls in her wedding. I was so excited to work on this project - little princess dresses! Shiny fabric!

She bought metres and metres of different fabrics - satin, tulle, organza in purple, pale pink, hot pink, green, grey. So many choices! I played around with a few ideas but in the end I went for simple and only used the off white satin with pale pink and off white organza.

Everyone was gathered at the venue an hour or so before the wedding. That was enough time for half of the dresses to get ripped.... Gaaaaah! Kids playing chase with their friends... there was no way the dresses could have stayed pristine...

For the four youngest girls (aged 4-8) I used a basic bodice pattern and added a gathered skirt with an organza overlay. I am so in love with my overlocker - it was so easy to do beautiful rolled hems on the organza. What I did not know though is that if the hem is stood on it can rip off... and if kids are running around on slopes and climbing in long dresses... well then hems will definitely get stood on.

The dresses buttoned up the back with fabric covered buttons. The oldest girl is a bit of a tomboy and did not even want to wear a dress. Hers was a very simple shift dress with a shiny satin yoke and the matt side of the satin on the outside for the main part of the dress. She is the one in the red.


  1. Well, that could be expected of children :)
    I love your dresses! A fabulous job!

  2. Thank you Maya! I was babysitting at the wedding - I completely forgot how mischievous kids can be :)


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