Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Loss of control...

Most of this year I have been trying to keep my fabric purchases to a minimum. I didn't even buy any fabric when I was in the fabric paradise of New York... Today though...

I went a little crazy. I came home with 22 metres of fabric... I popped into a fabric shop in Buda which I rarely visit, just to see what they had (always a bad idea...). They had this cool comic type fabric so I bought the last of it. It's cream with a green print. My camera made the colours funny.

Then on the tram home I was looking out the window and saw a fabric shop having a closing down sale (!!!) so I jumped out to have a look. Crazy low prices for really nice fabric. So I kinda went a little overboard. They had really nice plain fabric which will be perfect for dresses so I bought what was left of the black (more than 13 metres... :S will be a lot of dresses....) and two metres of a very dark blue. And then I spotted a gorgeous blue striped silk remnant which I just could not resist. I'm thinking it will become a skirt.

When I got the receipt I remembered that I had bought fabric in that shop many years ago. Such a beautiful receipt - like from another era. Actually I guess it is old. It has a place to write the fillér on it which were the smallest Hungarian coins which went out of circulation in the 90s, well before I even moved here...

Then I went into a third store, again just to see what they had... It's a chain, the same as the first one I went into today and they had the same cartoon fabric IN DIFFERENT COLOURS!!! So I had to buy it in blue too... maybe I will make pants, maybe bags. Not sure yet.

They had just one metre left of this spotted fabric. This is what happens when I don't go shopping often enough - I miss out on all the great fabric! It would make such a nice jacket but I think I only have enough for a skirt... What do you think I should use it for?


  1. Lovely fabric! I'm all for shorts, too!

  2. Oooh shorts would be so cute. But Autumn has really arrived here, it has become too cold for shorts unfortunately :(


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